Company services

• Procurement and Supply Management Services.
• Corporate representation services and access to exclusive agencies.
• Export and shipping services and logistic operations management.
• Inspection, control, compliance, and verification services.
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Inspection, monitoring, conformance, and verification services

HANA Company provides inspection, monitoring, and verification services on behalf of its clients to ensure that the required specifications and quality of the product are applied, in addition to protecting the customer from commercial and industrial fraud, thus protecting the final customer and ensuring that they get the required quality.

Our company performs inspections within a unique plan for each product, and the operations that the company performs depend on the quality of the product, the stages of its production, and the standards of the country to be exported to, as follows:

  • Packing Inspection (PI): This inspection is performed while the product is being packed into boxes before shipment. It ensures that quality is maintained, and products are not damaged while packaging.
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI): This inspection is performed directly before or after loading, to check/ensure the quality of your products immediately before shipment.
  • Defect Inspection (DI): This scan is an optional addition to the PSI. It involves checking for defective products before shipping.
  • During Production Inspection (DPI): This examination is done during manufacture, usually after the production percentage reaches 20%, and in some products, every 20%, the same examination is done for products with several stages in production.
  • Loading Inspection (LI): This check is done during the loading process to ensure products are properly loaded in their shipping container without damage.

Letter of Credit Inspection (LCI): This examination is done as an optional addition to the LI examination. It includes verification of the letter of credit documents required for a commercial transaction.

Our services also include the detection of the product before shipment if the customer requests the disclosure of certain goods before the purchase to ensure the factory’s reliability and the quality of the goods.

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Export, shipping, and logistic services

Through our relationships with international shipping agents and companies, the company provides shipping and transportation services from the source of the goods to the customer’s port at the best prices. The company supervises and follows up the shipment through a team of experts to ensure that the goods reach the customer with the best and fastest methods. It also provides customs clearance service from the country of origin, along with providing all necessary documents to clear shipments

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Procurement and supply management services

Current competitive market conditions and the ever-changing demands of customers, the development and production of mechanisms drive to the retail sector. For this reason, selecting suppliers is considered a basis for achieving good profitability ratios in the current changing needs and price markets. Hana International Trading Company is committed to ensuring that the best manufacturers and suppliers are secured for its customers to achieve the principle of high quality and competitive prices, to ensure that the customer’s satisfaction is reached and that he benefits most from the supplies. The company takes the following factors in all its supply and procurement management operations for its clients:


  • Quality reliability
  • The balance between price and quality
  • Production date and its reliability in the market
  • Supplier productive and technological capabilities
  • Quality packaging
  • Future supplies of the product
  • Confirmation of delivery within the specified time

HANA Company also manages the extended supply operations, follow-up, and management contracts with suppliers to ensure the rights and interests of its customers. The company, through its offices and representatives in several countries of the world, follows the developments related to products and raw materials on time and transmits information to customers to preserve their interests and the value of their goods.

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Corporate representation services and access to exclusive agencies

HANA Company represents many companies commercially with owners of continuous supplies from some countries, including Turkey, China, Belgium, and Malaysia. The company sends periodic reports on production, shipping, and clearance to its periodic customers.

In addition to managing its commercial agencies, the company also provides and manages commercial agencies for its exclusive clients or distribution agencies for some products. It organizes contracts for these agencies, supervises their supplies, and guarantees the rights of agents, whether from manufacturers or suppliers.