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What makes us unique?

About the company

Hana Trading Company was established in Istanbul in 2014. The company started its work in the export to several neighboring countries of construction materials, architectural finishing, water source materials, and sanitation

With our experience developing in this sector, we have expanded by obtaining exclusive commercial agencies for several countries and distribution agencies for many famous factories in this field, and by opening new markets and new sources for our supply areas.

We have also grown into other areas such as food supply, equipment, and factory supply, according to the demand of our customers and their great trust in us and our work.

Our experienced and specialized team has the capabilities necessary to identify the best sources of products and goods required from the global markets at the best prices, in addition to ensuring the best means and equipment to E shipment our customers’ goods via land, sea, and air routes with taking into consideration the speed of supply factor and performing all customs clearance procedures.

We, and through our large network, are always aware of all the changes in the global markets because we are working to keep pace with the developments of global trade and forecasting the needs and priorities of global markets.


Why HANA for Trading?

Our experienced team will help you in any way possible to conduct your business transactions in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

We work hard to raise your business to the highest levels of success.

We discuss with you the latest developments in global market opportunities.

We also take care of the smallest details of your work and answer all your questions.

We challenge our capabilities to provide the best for our customers.

How we work!?

20 Year of experience
5000 Producer
1500 satisfied customers
20 Expert

Our services

We provide you with all commercial cargo insurance services, the best way to ship and export them from Turkey to all countries of the world

خدمات التصدير والشحن-8

Export, shipping

Through our relationships with international shipping agents and companies, We provides shipping and transportation services from the source of the goods to the customer’s

خدمات توريد البضائع-8

Procurement and supply

Current competitive market conditions and the ever-changing demands of customers, the development and production of mechanisms drive to the retail sector.

التحقق من البضاعة-8

Inspection, monitoring, conformance

HANA Company provides inspection, monitoring, and verification services on behalf of its clients to ensure that the required specifications

توفير الوكالات التجارية-8

Corporate representation services

HANA Company represents many companies commercially with owners of continuous supplies from some countries, including Turkey, China, Belgium,

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Bahçeşehir 1 Kısım mahallesi , Bülbül cd çınar 6 villa(14) BAŞAKŞEHİR/İSTANBUL

Working hours

Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00
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